daily reading 15.2 (Psalm 10:10-18)

5-days-a-week through the Psalms in 2018

First pray like David:

I praise you, God of justice, enthroned for evermore,
A stronghold in affliction, a refuge to the poor:
Attend the cry of victims, remember their despair;
Be faithful. Listen. Honor the faith that sparks our prayer. Amen.

Psalm 10:10-18

      • So he is oppressed and beaten down; helpless people fall because of the wicked one’s strength. 11 He says to himself, “God has forgotten; he hides his face and will never see.”
      • 12 Rise up, LORD God! Lift up your hand. Do not forget the oppressed.
      • 13 Why has the wicked person despised God? He says to himself, “You will not demand an account.” 14 But you yourself have seen trouble and grief, observing it in order to take the matter into your hands. The helpless one entrusts himself to you; you are a helper of the fatherless.
      • 15 Break the arm of the wicked, evil person, until you look for his wickedness, but it can’t be found. 16 The LORD is King forever and ever; the nations will perish from his land.
      • 17 LORD, you have heard the desire of the humble; you will strengthen their hearts. You will listen carefully, 18 doing justice for the fatherless and the oppressed so that mere humans from the earth may terrify them no more.

For yourself pray:

  • That in the end God will vindicate your humility before evil doers

Other people to pray for:

  • For orphans in your area

A psalm setting to listen to:

  • Psalm 10 (YouTube, duet with piano, guitar and percussion)
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