This blog isn’t designed to be interactive between you and the pastor who posts, but to make it easy for you to come near to God, so he will come near to you (James 4:8).

Its plan is simple: five readings a week from the Bible book of Psalms, with suggested prayers.

These readings are organized chronologically (though there is no one set chronological order for the psalms; other resources vary).

You can get these readings daily, automatically, through helps such as Google Reader.

Why read Psalms for a whole year, when there are 65 other books in the Bible?

The Psalms are the “Bible in miniature,” Martin Luther said. They show how God’s saints should feel about God, family, friends and enemies. They teach us how to act in dangers and sufferings.

Luther said Christians should consider this book precious and love it, “if for no other reason, than this: it promises Christ’s death and resurrection so clearly.”

Finally, a historical reason for reading the psalms this year: At the University of Wittenberg Luther started teaching the Psalms in 1513, 500 years ago.

For more information about the church in Lakewood Ranch, Florida behind this blog, visit our church’s site.


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